Rah Digga Says She Had Her Daughter Get “Purity Exam” as Well


Rah Digga stands with Tip on the purity exams. More details inside…

Rah Digga as of late took to Twitter and uncovered that she supports what T.I. did in reference to taking his little girl to get a “purity exam.” She at that point uncovered she had her little girl do something very similar.

Rah Digga responded to another Twitter user, noticing what occurred after she took her girl to get the test. She stated, “Well I did it and prepare to be blown away. At the point when I discovered she wasn’t any longer did I scold her..No. Did I show her out of the house? No, I had the option to have a convo where she straightforwardly disclosed to me what it was. What’s more, I emphasized that she need to be safe. Furthermore, life went on…”

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