Nipsey Hussle Memorial Held At Staples Center


It’s going on a week since the murder of LA rapper Nipsey Hussle and it’s almost time for family and friends to pay their final respects to the rapper at a public memorial.

According to sources at #Essence, the family has set up a public memorial at Los Angeles Staples Center this week. according to sourcesThe Los Angeles Times is reporting that the service is being planned as a ticketed event on Thursday with non-transferable tickets.

Soon as the news broke that Nipsey Hussle’s memorial would be a ticketed event his good friend and business partner Karen Civil quickly cleared the air by tweeting on twitter “I want to officially let @NipseyHussle fans & supporters know there will be NO selling of tickets to his funeral,” she wrote. “A lot of incorrect information was released today, please know in the upcoming days and official statement will be made soon. “

Hundreds of people are still mourning the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle and fans across the world have been gathering at his clothing store in LA “Marathon” since the news of his passing.

Police have charges Eric Holder with Hussle’s murder. Attorney Christopher Darden, the former prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial, is representing Holder. according to Essence.

The family of Nipsey Hussle have met with the Staples Center to start planning for the event.

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