Chvrches Says Band is Getting Death Threats After Ripping Chris Brown


Scottish pop band Chvrches says it’s being threatened with gun violence and rape after ripping Marshmello‘s collab with Chris Brown … but they say the reaction kinda proves their point.

Chrvches recently slammed Marshmello for working with CB and Tyga, saying they had big problems with the DJ partnering up with artists who the band says are “predators and abusers” of women … and now the lead singer says she’s getting death threats for speaking out.

Lauren Mayberry went on a long rant before Chvrches kicked off its headlining set Saturday night at the Fortress Festival in Texas … explaining why the band went after Chris in the first place, and why she thinks it’s “morally dubious” for musicians to work with artists who have a history of violence.

As you know … Brown pled guilty to felony assault of Rihanna back in 2009, and he’s the subject of an ongoing lawsuit over an alleged rape in Paris.

The back-and-forth beef between Chvrches and Brown started Thursday, when the band called out Marshmello for producing a track with CB and Tyga called “Light it Up.” Chvrches and Marshmello recently worked on a song together.

Brown fired back on Instagram, calling the band a “BUNCH OF LOSERS” and wishing they “walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients.”

Now, the simmering beef has apparently escalated into fans threatening to rape and shoot Lauren … and she says that proves her entire point.


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