Kanye West Passes Drake On Forbes’ Richest Rappers List



For several years, Drake and Kanye West have been playfully taking shots at one another. They started off as friends, respectfully recognizing the other as a pioneer in the hip-hop business model. Things turned sour though when their families got involved and now, Kanye alleges that he’s banned from speaking about Drake or his loved ones. When either of these two release new music, people will be looking out for any disses that could be directed at the other because at this point, everything is a competition between them. When it comes to finances, Kanye West has Drake cornered, surpassing him on the Forbes list by nearly $100 million in this year’s Richest Rappers series.

Each year, Forbes collects their data to determine who has the strongest net worth out of hip-hop’s businessmen and this year, one man stood worlds ahead of anybody else. Weeks after he was revealed to have become hip-hop’s first billionaire, Jay-Z is at the top of the list. Following him is Dr. Dre, whose headphone business ended up paying off supremely in the end. Diddy comes in the third spot but the competition between Kanye West and Drake maintains the 4 and 5 placements. As reported by Complex, Kanye West’s $240 million fortune was enough to earn him a spot in the Top 5 while Drake, the youngest member of the fivesome, clocked in a modest $150 million.

With the growth of OVO as a brand and more to come from Drizzy Drake, we can expect the mogul to continue moving up over the next few years. Kanye West is also striving with Diddy, Hov and Dre all working hard on securing their legacies for the last decade.


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