Juelz Santana’s Home To Be Foreclosed By Bank While He’s In Prison


Wells Fargo wants a default judgment after Juelz Santana failed to respond to a lawsuit.

He’s currently in jail after being sentenced to 27 months in prison for the airport gun incident in 2018.

According to Bossip, Wells Fargo is moving to foreclose Juelz Santana’s condo in New Jersey in the near future after the rapper failed to respond to a lawsuit.

Wells Fargo initially sued Juelz earlier this year on claims that he hadn’t coughed up the dough for the mortgage on his New Jersey condo since July 2018. The suit was filed in February — after he was locked up — but the bank demanded that the judge give them a default judgment since the rapper didn’t even respond to their lawsuit. They mention in court papers, filed on July 29th, that he had more than enough time to do so. If the judge approves of Wells Fargo’s request, Juelz Santana’s condo will be put in foreclosure immediately and likely auctioned off at the Sheriffs Sale.

The bank either wants Juelz Santana to cough up the dough or have the home sold. Either way, they don’t want Juelz Santana to run them the dough.

Wells Fargo has gone after him on two other occasions over the past two years.

Things dont look good going forward for Juelz. What would you do if you were in his situation?


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