Dave East’s Lawyer Shares Details of Woman Assaulting Him


A woman told a police officer that East allegedly got violent during a sexual encounter… Passion marks maybe?

According to TMZ, Dave East and woman was charged with Battery during a three-person sexual encounter. The New York rapper asked two women back to his Las Vegas hotel room following a performance where they all engaged in sex. East claims the woman attacked him with champagne bottles when she got jealous during the act, while the woman claims East punched her after an argument. East reportedly showed police wounds to his arm and leg. Two witnesses to the events provide conflicting statements. Another woman claims East initiated the fight, while a friend of the rapper says he saw the accuser throwing bottles. Police reportedly cited both East and his accuser for misdemeanor battery but made no arrests. Richman, East’s attorney, stated, “The woman threw a soap dispenser and bottles of champagne at Dave. One of the bottles shattered on the wall, sending glass flying and cutting Dave. Another bottle hit Dave with force in the head. The woman sought to continue her assault. Dave did not respond with violence. Instead, Dave was concerned for everyone’s safety. Dave justifiably took the woman by the arm and put her out of the room.” Richman added, “Dave did not assault anyone. He was ordered by his doctor to get CAT scan after the incident. We are waiting for the results. It was later learned that the woman had secreted Dave’s phones in her handbag.”

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