$750K+ worth of jewelry stolen from Tiny Harris’ Lamborghini


Atlanta police confirmed the theft to Channel 2′s Michael Seiden Monday morning. 

Police told Channel 2 Action News there were no signs of a break-in or damage to the $200,000 SUV, but Harris told police she believed someone took the bag from her Lamborghini.

Wedding rings, watches and stud earrings were among the jewelry taken from the center console of her yellow Lamborghini SUV.

“I think that you’re always a target, like if you drive something nice and people know that you’re wealthy,” restaurant customer Jonathan Turnage said.

On Monday, Channel 2’s Audrey Washington spoke with two sources, one an APD source who was at the restaurant Sunday night.

Both sources told Washington there was security in the parking lot and that they did not witness anything suspicious.

Investigators hope video surveillance will drum up leads in the case.

Washington reached out to the Harris family for comment. So far, she has not received a statement.

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