SUMMER WALKER VENTS ABOUT STRUGGLING WITH HANDLING FAME… It’s no secret that Summer Walker doesn’t like the attention or the fame that comes with her popular, sweet sultry R&B music, but as the time goes by and she gets more famous, the more she expresses that she’s over the fame and threatens to leave the music industry. She recently took to Instagram to express her social anxiety and difficulty handling fame once again, using language like “I’m just a regular person, nothing more. lol people got this fame sh*t f***ed up. I been me from day one I’m not bout to start acting different, talking different, treating people different or looking different. people really expect too much from you.” You can see the Instagram post here.

Since her debut album, Summer has not been able to catch a break with the media and the internet’s opinions, whether it be about her relationship with London on Da Track, her personal hygiene or her social anxiety while performing.  Although sometimes it seems like she doesn’t consider her fans, she did say that she would try to finish the tour. For now, she’s even turned off her comments on Instagram. Hopefully, this isn’t the first and the last album we get from Summer.

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