Megan Thee Stallion Has Been Holding Secrets: “I Really Could Be Talkin’ A Lot Of Sh*t”


Megan had some words to get off her chest in a recent rant on Instagram Live

“I still be tryin’ to work my ass off because the motherf*ckin’ grind don’t stop,” she said on Instagram Live. “I ain’t motherf*ckin perfect, my n*gga. I ain’t neva said I was. Everybody ain’t gon’ f*ck wit me, everybody ain’t gon’ like me. It’s cool. I don’t give a f*ck. To them hoes that don’t like me [middle finger]. To them n*ggas, too. ‘Cause a b*tch be workin’, okay. That’s what you can’t say. You can’t say I don’t be workin’.”

She added that she recently got her test score back and received an 88, although she argued it should have been a 90. “It ain’t motherf*ckin’ easy being this motherf*ckin’ greasy, b*tch!” Then, she enigmatically said she’s been holding her tongue when “I really could be talkin’ a lot of sh*t about a lotta sh*t, but I be lettin’ it slide, ’cause I’m ‘posed to be the motherf*ckin’ bigger person in all these situations.”

Who do you think she could be referring to?

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