Fetty Wap And His Spouse could be Headed Towards Divorce


Fetty Wap’s new wife of just four months, Leandra Gonzalez is already ready to dip. The rapper’s baby’s mother Masika Kalysha recently dragged him on her Instagram Story for bringing their daughter, Khari Barbie around Leandra, whom he married back in August. On Tuesday (Nov. 19), Masika Kalysha took to her to Intastory to voice her displeasure with Fetty Wap and his new wife, an Instagram model known as “Rosedealer ” after a picture was posted on his wife’s account showing the recently separated bride hugged up with Masika and Fetty Wap’s daughter, Khari Barbie. Apparently his soon to be ex-wife saw Masika’s post and promptly deleted the photo, but not before Masika let a few more jabs fly, letting the unknown model know she’s not the one to play with.

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