Dream Doll Opens Up About Getting Butt Injections & Alleges Her Ex Was Physically Abusive


Dream Doll discusses her medical operations and past relationship. More details inside…

All through the most recent couple of years more superstars than any time in recent history are opening up about their plastic medical procedure strategies—and furthermore examining the drawback of careful improvements. Rapper Dream Doll as of late uncovered her extraordinary medical problems as an aftereffect of getting butt infusions, considering it the “most exceedingly terrible experience of her life.”

Mainstream YouTuber BLoves Life as of late posted a seafood boil video with Dream Doll and she got her to open up about the absolute most close to home issues throughout her life—her plastic medical procedure and her previous association with individual rapper YBN Almighty Jay, who she finished things with back in August.

Dream Doll proceeded onward to her past association with YBN Almighty Jay and why things between the two eventually finished for good:

“I just deserve better and I know my worth. I know how I should be treated. I know men are not supposed to put their hands on women and…that’s just that. I’m trying to focus on my music, and that’s basically what I’ve been doing. I feel like when you’re in a relationship, especially being an artist, sometimes it kind of zones you out and you forget sometimes. You’ll put being with your boyfriend over your studio sessions, and then that’s when you start arguing with your manager, you’re canceling shows because of that. I was kind of like losing my focus a lot.”

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