In a series of Instagram posts on Sunday, Lizzo posed completely nude on an orange couch. More details below…..

On Sunday, the “Truth Hurts” singer, clearly feeling herself, posted a series of completely nude photos on Instagram. With the help of her long hair and creative hand placement, the star posed on a luxurious orange velvet couch for the homemade photoshoot. “Paint me like ya French b**ch,” she captioned the photos, quoting Kate Winslet’s character, Rose, in Titanic.

And it wasn’t just the photos she posted! No, the 31-year-old followed the sexy shots up with a steamy video. In it, she’s seen staring right into the camera lens as she crawls toward it. In her caption, she quipped, “Omw….” It’s a whole mood, and her fans are living for it.

As one Lizzo stan commented, “There are no words to describe how the next level this is! Thank you for being unapologetic and unafraid. The world needs more Lizzo!!!” Chimed in another, “Who told you to stunt on us like this?!”

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