Stop gassing them to beef,” says Meek Mill. More details inside…

One more day, another Hip-Hop feud. This time stepping in the ring is rapper Blueface and Meek Mill’s new artist, Yung Ro.

In late pictures that were posted on Instagram a week ago, fans saw that the up and coming rapper Yung Ro appeared to be missing jewelry and designer brands from his closet. At the point when it was brought up, Yung Ro took to Instagram to address why he presently can’t seem to purchase any gems or designer name brands.

Most regarded the Houston rapper’s explanation, then again, California rapper, Blueface Baby didn’t appear to concur with Yung Ro’s announcement. ​

“Put resources into ya self a chain is all the more then a chain in this rap shit its about da picture it’s not about how great you rap or how great you free-form its 2020 it’s a prominence challenge you get took care of based how cool you look a the amount you offer to your fan base it’s another rapper each every 5 min you gotta sticc on the off chance that you need life span in this shit y do think individuals see in the event that you don’t have a chain,” composed Blueface.

To assist his contention the rapper likewise posted on his story, “In the event that you sign an arrangement a you can’t bear the cost of 50 for a chain a 50 to get yo granny off dialysis an another 100 for to put down on yo momma house you shouldn’t have signed that on Cryp.”

From that point forward, Blueface has been enduring an onslaught from fans for venturing into another rapper’s the same old thing. Blueface finished his story bluster by saying, that he isn’t attempting to be conscious, however, is attempting to share some information about the rap business.

Today, Yung Ro took to Instagram to toss a little shade towards Blueface. He shows a video on Instagram of an empty house, advising fans that he’s at last ready to place his mom in another house. All through the video you can likewise hear him state, “I’m not gone put you out like Blueface did his momma” alluding to the episode in July that prompted the Thotiana rapper kicking out his mom and sister from his home.

Accommodating Mill took to Instagram today to tell fans to quit engaging the circumstance and to likewise demonstrate his innocence from the developing debate. “Let these youngins pound and quit gassing em to beef! I attempt to be peaceful however I’m viewing you all tryna line my group with these false deceives! I don’t need any contribution in that sh*t and ‘yes I am truly cut that way’ I’m tryna change a law at this moment!” said the Philadelphia rapper.

Ideally, Yung Ro and Blueface will comfort the hamburger and hopefully collab!

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