Amazon hands over $25M for Rihanna documentary


Amazon dolled out $25 million for the documentary directed by Peter Berg in a move that is said to bolster its streaming service platform, according to Billboard, citing unnamed sources.

This comes as the streaming wars near a fever pitch and viewers are being targeted from every vantage point across various services including Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix and Amazon.

“Peter Berg’s bold and innovative Rihanna is an unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life, providing a glimpse into the evolution of one of the world’s most well-known pop artists,” Berg’s production company, Film45, said on its website.

During the production process, Berg was given “unparalleled access” into Rihanna’s world where he was able to compile over 1,200 hours of footage for the project, according to Film45.

Berg has been working on the documentary for years, spending an immense amount of time in recording studios.

“I’ve never experienced hours like that team goes.”

“I think she’s an extraordinary young woman and it really is kind of a pretty comprehensive profile of what goes into making her this talent that she is,” he told the outlet. “The work ethic, the talent, luck, the hustle, the vision. She’s a really, really interesting woman and the movie will be out in about a month and half, two months we’ll be able to start showing it.”

Will you be watching the new documentary once its released?

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