Lira Galore Is Reportedly Seeking $15M After Accusing Pierre “Pee” Thomas Of Abuse During Pregnancy!!


Lira Galore has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the well-respected CEO of Quality Control, “Pee.” More details inside…

In the legal documents obtained by TMZ, Lira describes 5 distinct cases where Pee would have beaten her. In an alleged attack, she claims that he hit her in the face, threw her to the ground and strangled her. She alleged that he had hit her so many times that she had knots on her head.

She also alleges that Pee broke her finger while trying to tear off the engagement ring he gave her. Regarding the other alleged attacks, she says it was common for him to hit her and choke her during pregnancy. Galore also alleges that in August 2018, Pee tried to “fix things” by buying him a $ 50,000 SUV. She alleges barely two weeks after Pee broke the window on the driver’s side during one of their heated exchanges and would have changed the title of his name on her behalf. She THEN alleges, one week after this particular incident, that he would have paid her $ 50,000 for NOT calling the cops.

Apparently, the documents come from an old custody case that Pee filed for joint custody of their child. Galore estimates Pee’s net worth at about $ 50 million and would have asked for $ 15 for her alleged injuries. To add insult to injury, she would also have asked the court to order P to stop hurting her, to stand aside and to submit a psychological assessment.

Lira is reportedly looking for at least $15 million for her injuries as she estimates P’s net worth at over $50 million, TMZ notes. Both parties have not publicly spoken out on the latest suit.

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