Lil Boosie Blames Juice Wrld’s Death On Pilot, Alleges He Was The One Who Snitched To The Feds


While fans continue to mourn Juice Wrld’s passing, it seems others are still trying to make sense of his untimely death. As far as who’s responsible, Lil Boosie believes that Juice Wrld’s pilot should take ownership of his part in Juice’s death. More details inside… 

In an interview with Vlad TV, Boosie said he blames the pilot for snitching on Juice and his crew to the feds about the drugs on board the plane, which allegedly prompted Juice Wrld to swallow a bunch of percocets in an attempt to hide them from the authorities that searched his plane.

“I would beat that f***in’ pilot a**. Somebody needs to beat that f***in’ pilot a**,” an angry Boosie said. “The one who told people they had f***ing guns on the plane…You the one made the people search the plane.”

Boosie went on to say that people who are rich at a young age make poor decisions. “You don’t make the right decisions when you gotta lotta money and you young. That money will f*ck you up, dawg. Millions of dollars at f*ckin’ 19, 20-years-old? Bro. R.I.P. Juice WRLD. That was some f*cked up sh*t, dawg.”

Now early on in the video, Boosie admits he didn’t know Juice Wrld personally but he believed he was a talented young rapper and reached out to him a few times before.

Any thoughts?? Check the video out below…

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