Virginia Beach Strong Act signed into law by Trump


A new bipartisan law will make it easier for people to donate to those affected by the Virginia Beach mass shooting.

The Virginia Beach Strong Act (HR 4566) ensures donations to the shooting victims’ families are tax-deductible. Before the law, a “technicality” of the definition for charitable donations in the tax code meant many donations to the Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund were likely not tax-exempt.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Elaine Luria and signed into law Friday by President Trump.

The law would be retroactive and apply to donations made since the start of the fund. Luria’s office says the law was narrowly written and doesn’t make any other changes to the tax code.

“The Virginia Beach Strong Act provides much-needed financial assistance to families who experienced the pain of losing a loved one suddenly. I am proud to represent such a resilient community, and this bipartisan and bicameral bill will now ensure that our district can continue to heal and help those affected by this tragic event.”


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