French Montana Shares Jaw-Dropping Footage Of Woman Exposing Private 50 Cent


On Sunday, French went to Instagram with a jaw-dropping slideshow of pics and footage showing a woman sharing alleged FaceTime footage of her talking to 50 and exposing bedroom secrets.

New York rapper French Montana is really, really, really doing the most in his feud with 50 Cent. The hip-hop star has taken their dispute and upped it a notch by dragging 50’s popular “Power” series into the drama.

On Sunday, French went to Instagram with footage from the long-awaited “Power” mid-season premiere.

50 appeared to fire big shots on Friday with a handful of accusations including a claim of Montana buying his own album streams.

Instead of falling back, French decided to return his own fire and share footage of a woman claiming she did freaky things to 50 in the bedroom.

French raised eyebrows this week after sharing an alleged pic of 50 kissing another man.

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