Nelly says “Get off my nuts.” More details inside…

Here’s Nelly railing against a pit supervisor inside a gambling club subsequent to beefing with different players about how to PROPERLY play poker, and you know it’s not kidding … ’cause nuts got included!!!

We got this video of Nelly attempting his karma Saturday morning at the Mohegan Sun club in Connecticut. He had a show there before in the night, which we’re accepting went route superior to this session at a Texas Holdem table.

People who were there educate us Nelly faced another speculator concerning not realizing how to play the game … affronts began flying, and the pit manager got included.

In our video, you see Nelly contending with the pit chief and asserting another card shark instructed him to “get under my nuts.” When the pit manager reveals to Nelly he didn’t hear the supposed affront, Nelly goes atomic!!!

Truly, it got hot in there … in any case, in the long run, cooler heads won, and police didn’t get included. Different card sharks got the money for out and left the table, however not before Nelly apparently dropped one last hammer, “get off MY nuts!!!”

As Kenny Rogers put it … realize when to hold them, realize when to crease them and realize when to leave while discussing your private parts.

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