Megan Thee Stallion Fires Back At J.Prince

Megan is standing up to J. Prince and Carl Crawford. She tells TMZ … “I’m extremely pleased that 1501 and Carl Crawford were denied the request to dissolve the Court order and try to stop my music from being released. I will proceed with the release of ‘SUGA’. On Friday, March 6.”

Then, responding directly to J. Prince, she says, “To be clear, I will stand up for myself and won’t allow two men to bully me. This has nothing to do with anyone else including JAY-Z, stop deflecting and trying to make this a publicity stunt.”

She adds, “I want my rights. The facts are:

1. 1501 doesn’t want to approve my budget to put out an album that the court is allowing to be released.
2.  1501  tried to stop my release, I prevailed in court
3.  1501 tried to fight the decision today, the court denied 1501’s request
4. I don’t own my masters,
5. 1501 owns 50% of my copyright and 100% of the admin rights,
6. Right now, 60/40, but I’m responsible for the expenses associated to the recording,
7. I can be fined if I’m late to the studio by 1501
8. 1501 gets 30% of my tour, merch and any activity including books, film and more, I have to cover all expenses, and 1501 doesn’t provide any services nor does it have the obligation,
9.  [My manager] T. Farris is grinding with me, Carl has never spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, but all will be sorted in court.”

Megan also addressed J. Prince invoking her mother in his statement, saying … “Lastly respect my deceased mother, she’s not here, you don’t know her, you weren’t involved. Carl should speak for himself. All the facts are public record available at the courthouse in Houston.”

Prince lays blame squarely at Roc Nation’s feet, insinuating Jay-Z‘s management company is trying to profit off 1501’s hard work building Megan’s career. He says, “These record labels and managers don’t want sh*t to do with these artists until the hard work, risk, sacrifices, and resources have been spent by the little guys.”

He adds, “This is the same technique of the culture vultures. I didn’t allow this to happen to me when New York and LA record labels attempted to take my artists- so they labeled me as malicious for fighting back. I didn’t allow it then so I damn sure ain’t gonna allow it to happen to 1501 Records or any of the other independent record labels that I’m associated with.”

However, he’s clearly pissed at Jay’s company, adding … “I find it very interesting that Roc Nation would allow their employee to sign an affidavit and statement full of slanderous lies on my methods of doing business when we have partnered together on several occasions. I don’t think Jay Z is aware of this but only time will tell.”

Do you think J.Prince has a valid point?

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