A Manager At Olive Garden Was Fired After Fulfilling A Customer’s Request For A Non-Black Server


A white woman visited an Olive Garden in Evansville, Indiana on Saturday only to insult members of the staff for their race. According to reports from NBC News, she said a black hostess should be a stripper and demanded that she be waited on by a someone white. The manager on duty ended up giving in to her request and because of that, she has since been fired.

The customer got angry when she was seated in an area with a black server, Donahue recalled. That’s when she shouted at a manager, who ended up moving her to an area with a white server, instead. Donahue told NBC that she was so shaken by the encounter that she started to cry.

Olive Garden spokeswoman Meagan Bernstein told NBC News that the restaurant chain does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. She added that after an investigation on Monday, “we made the decision to separate with the manager involved.”

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