LisaRaye Admits She Never Married For Love


LisaRaye McCoy has a message for women who marry for potential instead of pure love –don’t.

While appearing on Claudia Jordan’s Fox Soul showOut Loud LisaRaye explained to Vivica A. Fox and Syleena Johnson where she felt she went wrong. Claudia challenged the women to admit a fault or share a shortcoming they feel they have, and LisaRaye poured out her answer like it was a confession: “For me, hands down, I should have married for love.”

When asked if she was admitting that she didn’t, Lisa agreed.

“Oh I did not. No, I did not. It was the potential of falling in love, but I should have been in that before the marriage.”

“The dream he sold me was, ‘I want to date you in our marriage.’ I had never heard of that before and I was thinking, that’s kind of clever! And we’re going towards that way anyway, so okay. We can accomplish what we’re trying to accomplish sooner in a partnership. In a partnership. A partnership is what I thought I was getting into.”


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