Beyonce – Marvel Fans Create Petition, Asking For Removal Of Singer From “Black Panther” Sequel


As the number of petitions for civil rights, police defunding and other social-related solutions continue to grow, there is one petition making headlines in the music world.

After news reports emerged on the internet of Beyonce reportedly signing a 100 million dollar deal with Disney, possibly including a three-movie agreement, a petition has surfaced to put that deal to a screeching halt. A “Torrence S” started the petition, directed to the Marvel and Disney, asking that the singer not be included in a possibly “Black Panther” sequel.

The petition starts with the sincerity of explaining that they are both a “lover” and “fan” of Marvel and Disney films.

I think it is with best interests of fans and many lovers of the art. We would like to keep Beyonce out of Black Panther 2. Even though it is a great film and comic. Many others and I feel thats her vocal and physical acting is insufficient (for lack of better words).

The creator of the petition further explains that although they believe Beyonce makes beautiful music, she would not be a good fit for the Marvel franchise, criticizing her acting ability.

Amidst the protests and the times we are going through, we feel like her acting sucks and can not take her serious enough to be fully entertained by her roles in movies. We would prefer that she continues to sing and make beautiful music but as far as her acting goes and we know that she knows that her skills in theatre are not worthy of such products of entertainment produced by Marvel/Disney franchises.

Suggesting other recommendations for the possible role in the sequel, such as Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz, the author continues to describe the potential outcome of the film if Beyonce chosen for the movie.

For better ideas of better actress to fill the role, we suggest that she be replaced by Rihanna, Zoe Saldana, Zoe Kravitz, or Zazie Beetz. Reasons being is because we know the movie will gross immensely but the overall turnaround for the movie will be tarnished if it is too meet the standards of its predecessor, Black Panther. So, for the sake of the franchise and all of the fans of marvel/Disney, Please direct Beyonce another role instead or please remove her entirely from the movie. Maybe make her a feature on a few songs on the soundtrack but acting in any form… No.

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