Kim Kardashian Reportedly Meeting With Divorce Lawyers


By now, the world seems to be watching the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as the latter recently took a sledgehammer to the narrative; among other instances, he likened his mother in law to Kim Jong Un and himself to the protagonist of Jordan Peele’s Get Out. And while some have speculated that Ye is merely ramping up publicity before his upcoming album Donda: With Child, others are concerned that the rapper is undergoing a serious mental breakdown, likely fueled by his bipolar disorder. US Weekly has reported that Kardashian has been meeting with divorce attorneys, despite a past willingness to “make it work” for the sake of the children. It’s unclear whether this has been bubbling for a while, as Kanye previously alluded to wanting a divorce after Kim Kardashian met with Meek Mill; he neglected to elaborate, though it didn’t take long for Twitter to run wild with all manner of narratives. In truth, it’s unfortunate that the marriage has come to this, unraveling in the public eye, though such has become par for the course for the Kardashians — a family who has broadcast their entire life on reality television. Still, it’s hard not to feel for the children.

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