Young Dolph Sued For Causing Soldier’s Mental Breakdown With Twerk Video


Young Dolph is reportedly being sued for sharing a video of a soldier twerking to his song.
A former sergeant in the Army National Guard has filed a lawsuit against Young Dolph, claiming that the rapper caused her to have a mental breakdown, which was prompted by him re-posting a video of her twerking to his song.

As he was teasing his 2018 album Role Model, Young Dolph noticed a video of a woman, who was wearing a full-on military uniform, twerking to one of his songs. He re-posted the video for promo. The woman’s name is Akeisha Norris and, apparently, his re-post facilitated her nervous breakdown, which got her kicked off the military force.

Norris is suing Dolph, claiming to be a former friend of the rapper. At the time the video was shared, Norris was on active duty in Kuwait.

According to the lawsuit, Norris’s superiors saw the video and disciplined her for it.

“[Norris] was called before her superior officers and disciplined, leading to a mental breakdown. As a result, she was sent back to the United States and dismissed from the military,” said her lawyer Keith Altman to AllHipHop.

The video was reportedly shared without her consent on Dolph’s page, and Norris is claiming that the incident has given her PTSD.

Norris is looking for financial compensation for the loss of her job, humiliation, mental anguish, and more.

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