During the pandemic, Blueface has found creative ways to make money, supplementing his “Thotiana” streaming revenue.It seems as though people have grown tired of Blueface and his shenanigans. Because of his antics on social media, many have painted the star as a one-hit-wonder, discounting his ability to possibly shock the world with another hit. As we wait to see what Blueface can do to save his slumping music career, he appears to be finding new ways to fund his lifestyle.While it may seem to be degrading and straight-up toxic, his Blue Girls Club venture on OnlyFans has proven to be extremely successful, netting Blueface thousands of dollars every single month. He’s been hosting dozens of women in his mansion, filming them fighting and doing other crazy stuff, like getting tattoos in the rapper’s honor.If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live as a debaucherous young rapper, Blueface has officially made that easier for you to accomplish, listing his Blue Girls Club mansion on Airbnb.

The listing was shared by multiple outlets, reporting that he’s offering the spot for $2,500 a night. With 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, the mansion looks like a beautiful place to stay in Los Angeles. However, some commenters are concerned about BF’s pocketbooks after this move, suggesting that he might be going broke.

“If you going broke just say dat,” said one of the top comments on The Shade Room. “With all that went on in there, I could never,” said another.

Would you crash at the crib?