Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty’s Alleged Rape Victim Tearfully Speaks Out


Nicki Minaj just can’t catch a break. Earlier today, it was revealed that she’s facing a $200 million lawsuit from her former friend Brinx Billions for allegedly stealing “Rich Sex” from him. Now, she’s being targeted by her husband’s alleged rape victim, who claims that the rapper’s team has been harassing her and her family.

This case is over twenty-five years old, but it’s still dragging on for Kenneth Petty, who is accused of raping a then 16-year-old girl in 1994. His alleged rape victim has spoken out on a few separate occasions, blocking her face and shielding her identity. It looks like she’s done with hiding though, because she allegedly posted a video directing Nicki and Kenneth, asking them to stop harassing her.

In a video posted by Hollywood Unlocked, the woman says: “This message is for Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty. Tell your fucking people to leave my family alone. Okay? Don’t call my f*cking family, don’t call my brothers, don’t call anybody. Leave me and my family the f*ck alone.” In the video, she tearfully delivers her message while driving. In the past, she has detailed what happened, claiming that her parents were close with Kenneth Petty’s mother and father. She says that she had walked to the bus stop to go to school, which is when Kenneth Petty approached her, “forced her into his home and violated her”. She says that she ran to school and told the officers at school about what had happened, showing them the cuts on her face and stomach.

More disturbing details about the rape were shared two years ago. Kenneth Petty served four years in prison for sexual assault and is on file as a sex offender. Watch the video above for more details from Petty’s alleged victim.

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