Ja Rule is no stranger to scrutiny, with many rap fans feeling strangely comfortable disrespecting the Murder Inc. rapper — sometimes even to his face. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a running joke to troll Ja, though he does tend to take the jokes in stride.Of course, his status as a bonafide hip-hop hitmaker should never be forgotten, as there was once a time when Ja was a mainstay on the commercial charts. For some context, his sophomore album Rule 3:36 went triple platinum during an era where consumers had to pay hard-earned money for a physical copy.Though many of his greatest hits are well-known, Ja recently took to Twitter to hint at the true depth of his songwriting career. In fact, as he tells it, he played a role in ghostwriting for some of the game’s top artists.

“I was just reminiscing about some of the artists I wrote for sheesh y’all have no idea,” he reflects, though he doesn’t exactly name names — as such, many were left wondering as to whether or not their favorite song from the early millennium was indeed a Jeffrey Atkins original composition.

At this point, it would be admittedly interesting to see Ja Rule expand on this intriguing claim. You never really know how deep the ghostwriting industry really runs, and which artists have been living a lie for decades.

Perhaps there’s a reason why Ja is keeping the details under wraps — one need only look to one particular hip-hop superstar to see just how impactful a ghostwriting accusation can be. Who knows how deep this rabbit hole goes? In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle, only Ja Rule can make sense of all this.