Lil Uzi Vert is known among his fanbase as Baby PlutoOrenji, Sasuke, or simply Uzi. He’s trying to add a new moniker to his growling list of nicknames, basing his latest alias on something that Jay-Z recently told him.The trendsetting rapper has always been one of the most original forces in hip-hop. His beat selection, courtesy of Maaly Raw, Brandon Finessin, Supah Mario, and many other talented producers, is out-of-this-world and so is his overall persona. Uzi is one of the strangest people in rap, embracing his quirks and challenging the norm on a daily basis. Last week, he shook the world up when he debuted his brand new forehead piercing, featuring a $24 million pink diamond. According to his latest tweet, the 26-year-old Philadelphia native has been catching up with his Roc Nation boss Jay-Z, who has allegedly compared him to one of the all-time icons of the music industry.