Nicki Minaj‘s father, 64-year-old Robert Maraj, was tragically killed over the weekend following a hit-and-run incident on Long Island. According to reports, Maraj was taking a walk when a car struck him and fled without a meaningful description from witnesses. TMZ is now reporting that the man who hit Maraj has turned himself in and was arrested.An arrest was reportedly made on Wednesday morning, and the man who turned himself in is believed to have been responsible for driving the vehicle that fatally struck Robert Maraj. A press conference is expected to be held later today with more information on the suspect. As of right now, details are scarce regarding the man’s identity.

Nicki Minaj has been receiving loads of thoughtful messages from fans as she privately mourns. The superstar rapper has stayed off of social media for weeks, not updating her status as anticipation builds toward new music. It’s unclear how close Nicki was to her father, but they have been pictured together embracing in the past.

In other family-related news for Minaj, the rapper has been privately taking care of her newborn son, raising him with her husband Kenneth Petty. She has posted glimpses of her baby boy, keeping his name a secret from her supporters.

Rest in peace, Robert Maraj.