DaBaby clearly has no fear of getting sued. The rapper kinda has a reputation for his IDGAF attitude and often confrontational reaction in heated situations. According to Variety, the owner of Runyan Canyon vacation home has filed a lawsuit against DaBaby on claims that the MC assaulted him during an unauthorized video shoot at the home. Gary Pagar claims that DaBaby violated COVID-19 conditions when renting the home. Pagar said that only 12 people would be allowed on the property but alleged the rapper had roughly 40 individuals gathered for the music video shoot. Pagar said that he attempted to shut down the situation before he was knocked to the ground. DaBaby allegedly hopped out of his vehicle and chased Pagar into the home. Pagar said DaBaby told him not to call the police before sucker-punching him in the mouth and knocking a tooth out.”Mr. Kirk appears to think he’s a real tough guy,” the lawsuit states. “Mr. Kirk is wrong.”

The 64-year-old plaintiff said that DaBaby and the company that was with him took “valuable kitchenware” along with Pagar’s phone that was allegedly tossed back-and-forth as the plaintiff was on the ground. Pagar also accused DaBaby and his associates of removing the security camera in order to conceal the video shoot.

In the suit, which also lists Kinsza Virgil, DaBaby’s manager, as a defendant, said that the terms of the leases restricted the renter from using it for commercial purposes.