A 2017 hit was at the center of a lawsuit. YFN Lucci’s “Everyday We Lit” featuring PnB Rock was a charting success for both rappers, but Rackboy Cam heard the single, he thought it sounded a tad familiar. According to the rapper, he’s previously released his song “Everything Be Lit,” and he told a court that he believed Lucci and Rock copied his track. According to NJ.com, Rackboy added that he had even met with the two rappers, so in 2018, he called up his lawyer and filed a copyright infringement lawsuit.Also named in the lawsuit was “producer June ‘The Jenius’ James and Think It’s a Game Records, YFN Lucci’s Atlanta-based label,” states the outlet. It’s reported that neither PnB Rock nor James responded to the lawsuit. Back in 2019, Lucci reportedly settled out of court on behalf of himself and his label, but earlier this month, a judgment was handed down in favor of Rackboy Cam against Lucci’s collaborators.

Cam was awarded $1,447,720—it was broken down as “50% of PnB Rock and 50% of James’ writer’s royalties in perpetuity from the original song as well as a remix featuring Lil Yachty and Wiz Khalifa. The rapper also receives prejudgment interest at 6.25% per year for the nearly three-year period since the lawsuit was filed on March 13, 2018, and $4,576.82 in out-of-pocket legal costs, bringing the total to more than $1.7 million.”

The amount Rackboy Cam received from Lucci in his settlement hasn’t been shared. “I feel like it was pretty fair,” Cam told the outlet. “I’m blessed, I’m satisfied. I feel like this is a big statement for Jersey because I feel like we don’t get the credit.” Over on Instagram, he added, “This has been a very lengthy and tedious process. I’m grateful for the outcome, and I’m thankful it’s all behind me. I’m excited to get back into the studio and continue creating music for my fans.”

“I wish the best for all parties on current and future endeavors.”Check out both tracks below and let us know if you believe RackBoy Cam deserved the cash.