Akon was pumping gas into his white Range Rover this week in Atlanta when someone hopped into the driver’s seat and sped off. The iconic recording artist has since recovered his car via a tracker. After waiting an hour for the cops to arrive at the gas station, Akon called 911 a second time and kept his patience with an operator who constantly interrupted and corrected him during the call.The call’s recording has been released, allowing fans to listen in as Akon calmly recounted what happened.”How are you doing? I was just car-jacked at the gas station for my Range Rover,” said Akon to start the call. After the operator asked for the address, Akon proceeded to give the address that his car was tracked to, revealing that the car robber made off to a Neiman Marcus department store. “Neiman Marcus is not a street in the city of Atlanta,” corrected the 911 operator. Akon explained that the address he gave corresponded to where the car was parked, which he found via a GPS tracker. “What gas station are you at and have you made a police report?” insisted the operator. “Yeah, the police are on their way but they’ve been on their way for a whole hour.”

The operator went on to ask about the crime, which Akon described. “It wasn’t at gunpoint. I was literally getting gas and they just jumped in the car and–,” he said before getting cut off. “That’s not a car-jacking… someone stole your car.”

Akon kept his cool on the phone and, later in the day, he was able to recover the stolen vehicle. Listen to the 911 call below.