Kanye Posts Drake’s Toronto Address as Beef Escalates, Drake Laughs it Off


Kanye West appeared to dox Drakeas their long-standing feud reignites, but Drake doesn’t seem to give an f.

Ye took to Instagram to share the location of Drake’s Toronto, Ontario property, but later deleted it. This came shortly after Kanye wiped his IG clean, leaving a lone photo of his childhood home … but he’s now posted a few more pics.

Drake’s response was telling … he laughed it off on his own IG Story … with a video of him on a joyride. Of course, all of this weekend drama is the result of Drake’s diss at Kanye on a song he just dropped with Trippie Redd … in which he acknowledges their beef and calls Ye “burned out.”

Kanye fired back by posting a group chat — in which he added another old nemesis, Pusha T, to the mix — which included an ominous ‘Joker’ text, along with the message … “I live for this. I’ve been f***ed with by nerd ass jock n***** like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you.”

Ye also deleted this post as well, but the bell can’t be unrung … and the feud is undeniably escalating.

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