Kisha Chavis Breaks Silence On Husband Discovering Her OnlyFans


The wife of ex-NBA player Joe Smith has broken her silence on the viral video of Smith confronting her after learning that she runs an OnlyFans account. “It was a decision that I made. I made an executive decision when my man wasn’t taking the lead. I really love Joe,” Kisha Chavis told TMZ. Elaborating, Chavis said that Smith’s mental health had taken a major blow after he left the NBA in 2011. According to Chavis, Smith struggled to come to terms with going from #1 pick to unwanted by any team in the league. Furthermore, she said that while Smith did very little to try and alleviate their financial burdens, she had set up a number of money-making side hustles. However, as the pandemic shut down several of their revenue streams, she explained that she had eventually turned to OnlyFans. Additionally, Chavis explained that she had been running an account for over a year before a house guest of Smith’s revealed it to her husband. Chavis also confirmed that Smith was currently staying away from the house. However, she also expressed hope that they would be able to work through the issue. “I don’t want to be alone, but you know, if that’s what it has to be, that’s what it has to be. But, I don’t think we’ll have a divorce, I don’t think so. I think he’ll come around,” Chavis explained.

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