Floyd Mayweather, Lil Uzi Vert Sued for Alleged Assault, Uzi Denies It


A man is suing Lil Uzi VertFloyd Mayweather and several of the boxing legend’s Money Team employees, claiming they contributed to an ass-kicking he took last summer — but Uzi says he had nothing to do with it.

The man’s name is Abdullah Ali, and according to the lawsuit he filed Thursday in New York … members of Mayweather’s TMT team and Lil Uzi roughed him up on June 27, 2023 after he had simply tried to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a Mayweather-owned trailer while it was parked near an NYC hotel.

Ali’s celebrity attorneys, Matthew Blit and Michael Rose, tell TMZ Sports … Ali had crossed a street for a better view, and began filming when a Rolls-Royce was unloaded from the trailer.

The lawyers, though, claim once Uzi and TMT members noticed him … they aggressively told him to stop. After a verbal argument, they say things turned violent.

Ali’s attorneys tell us the man was hit by a barrage of punches and kicks — which knocked him to the ground. They added that at least 10 men — including Lil Uzi — then all took turns whaling on him for more than a minute.

However, the alleged victim has the wrong guy … according to Uzi’s camp. A rep for the rapper tells us, “Lil Uzi Vert doesn’t know Floyd Mayweather or have any form of affiliation with Mayweather’s Money Team, and was not at the site of the alleged incident.”

It is not clear if Mayweather was there or not, Ali’s attorneys said.

Blit and Rose claim Ali suffered injuries in the altercation — including some knocked-out teeth. They also stated he required a trip to the hospital to fix some of his ailments.

He’s now suing for unspecified damages.

In addition, Ali reported the incident to police … although no arrests were made

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