Although a native to the Bronx, calls Virginia his home. He has been a DJ for nine years, and his drive, ambition, and determination has allowed him to notice throughout Virginia. Growing up around music and having a mentor like DJ Babey Drew, it’s no wonder why Problem has quickly become a success. He has received many commendations from DMVs top DJs such as DJ DC and DJ Illmatic Beats. He has worked with artists such as 2Chainz, ASAP Rocky, as well as spinning for Shaggfest in 2012. Venue owners and promoters seek out Problem for the energy level he brings to their events. He brings an upbeat, creative, and hype atmosphere everywhere that he is. His determination for success is why he continues to “Make It A Problem” for others to surpass his talent. 

For booking information contact and follow him on all social media @DjProblem300.