Kanye took to Twitter for the first time in months. It was here where he revealed that Gosha Rubchinskiy would become the new head of design at Yeezy. Overall, Gosha is a big name in the design world, however, he was recently forced into an exile of sorts after being accused of allegedly soliciting photos from a 16-year-old. Although Gosha denies that he did anything wrong, there are still fans who believe this hiring is beyond the pale. That said, Gosha has expressed excitement about the new position, over on his Instagram account.

“We’re delighted to introduce the new direction of the Gosha Rubchinskiy fashion brand as an independent creative powerhouse,” Rubchinskiy wrote. “Stepping away from the Comme des Garçons and Rassvet family, our brand is forging its own path. Under Gosha’s creative leadership we are set to embrace exciting new projects and collaborations that embody our spirit of independence and creative drive. We’re thankful for the continuous support from our community that fuels our journey.”