Kai Cenat Updates Fans After Twitch Ban


Kai Cenat is the king of Twitch right now. Overall, Cenat has tens of thousands of subscribers on the streaming platform. Although these numbers may not seem huge when compared to YouTube stars, there is some context missing here. Firstly, in order to be subscribed to a Twitch streamer, you must be paying $5 per month for a first-tier sub. Therefore, streamers naturally have lower subscriber numbers. However, Cenat brings in millions of dollars per year thanks to just how many subscribers he has.

Unfortunately, Twitch has been known to ban people. Moreover, there reasoning for these bans is oftentimes unknown. Recently, Kai Cenat was the victim of this as his Twitch account was banned indefinitely on Monday. As it stands, Cenat has no reason for why this happened. However, some speculate it could be because he recently accepted a gift from Kick, which is a new rival streaming platform that has reportedly offered Cenat upwards of $50 million. Twitch has yet to give Cenat a streaming contract, and it has led to some speculation that the streamer would move on.

Following the ban, Cenat was on a live stream with Gervonta Davis. As we previously reported, Ryan Garcia joined this stream to make a large wager. During the Davis-only portion of the stream, Kai Cenat addressed his ban, at least briefly. In the clip above, Cenat simply said, “Everybody’s trying to sign me.” Overall, this should not be surprising given all of his success. Cenat recently won “Streamer Of The Year,” and he remains a big name in entertainment. When Adele is calling into your stream, you know that you have made it in life.

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