Gucci Mane Cleared to Enter Canada for Upcoming Tour, Despite Legal Trouble


Gucci Mane won’t be left out in the cold when his upcoming tour heads North of the border … Canada is allowing the rapper to enter the country even though he’s had a checkered past. 

We’ve learned Gucci Mane has obtained a temporary resident permit to enter Canada later this month for a string of 10 scheduled gigs across 5 provinces. This is no small feat. Canada’s notoriously tough, eh, on people with prior convictions — and Gucci’s long rap sheet could’ve been enough for a denial.

Sources at the Canada Border Services Agency tell TMZ … anyone crossing the border into Canada must demonstrate they meet the requirements to enter or stay in the country, and involvement in criminal activity is cause to prevent someone from entering.

As you know … Gucci Mane’s broken the law several times. He got busted in 2013 for violating probation by carrying a gun, and served 39 months before getting released in 2016. However, he’s kept his nose clean since then.

As we’ve reported … G-Eazy was denied entry into Canada last summer after his cocaine arrest during a trip to Sweden, Chris Brown was turned away at the border in 2015 because of his criminal past and Kodak Black had to cancel gigs after last month’s border bust.

We’re told Gucci locked down his golden ticket with the help of an immigration attorney, who got the rapper a temporary resident permit — and that’s why he’s got the green light.

It’s kinda funny … on a track with Drake back in 2016, Gucci rapped, “I got so many felonies I might can’t never go to Canada, but Drake said he gon’ pull some strings, so let me check my calendar.”

No word if Drake ever did … but Guwop’s good to go.

(Credits): TMZ


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