Angela Simmons Talks Waiting Until 28 To Have Sex: I Went From Virgin To Pregnant, It Happened Very Quickly For Me


For those of us who are familiar when Angela, and grew up with her and her family on “Run’s House,” we know that she was always vocal about waiting until she was married before she had sex. She wanted to save herself for her future soulmate. 

She and her brother JoJo Simmons appeared on The Dr. Oz Show that aired Friday (Nov. 22). They were discussing T.I.’s confession that he takes his daughter to the OBGYN to guarantee she’s still a virgin, and Angela Simmons opened up about her own experience.
“Well, I publicly spoke about it and a lot of people knew that I was a virgin and I waited until I was like 28, and I went from virgin to pregnant. So it was a lot and it was in public. So a lot of people were like, ‘Were you lying or what happened?’ But it just happened really quick for me. So, I mean, for me, I can understand… It was a choice of mine to speak about it, to encourage whoever wants to do it to know that it’s not cool, you know? You have all the time in the world to do that.”

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