Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign Wants $53K Per Month In Support


Future faced two lawsuits from Cindy and Eliza who both claim that the rapper is the father of their young children. Recently, it was announced that Cindy has decided to drop her lawsuit, however, the reason why was never shared with the public.

Bossip reports that Eliza also has made a formal request for child support, and the number is a little much. The outlet states that Eliza has requested $53K from the rapper per month to help pay for the expenses of her daughter, Reign. Although she is the caregiver for Reign, she’s also suing Future for custody. The rapper is also battling it out with Eliza over the need for him to turn over his financial documents. He reportedly fears that is he submits them, his records will be leaked to the public, so he’s hoping a court will only force him to turn over a select few.

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