Chika Unloads On YG For Shooting Music Video During Los Angeles Protests


 Chika launched an entire career by speaking candidly about what’s on her mind. Now that she’s signed to Warner Music Group and has officially dropped her debut EP, Industry Games, that hasn’t changed.

On Sunday (June 7), she made it clear how she felt about YG using a massive protest in Los Angeles as the backdrop for a music video. As roughly 50,000 people filled the streets of Hollywood to protest police brutality in the name of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and more, the Compton-bred rapper got to work on the visual for his newly released single, “Fuck The Police.” 

Chika, however, didn’t think the timing was appropriate.

“yg said he here to shoot a video,” she tweeted. “shooting a music video while breonna taylor’s killers are still walking the streets is fucking disgusting.”

When someone challenged Chika about YG’s intentions, she stood firm.

“still incredibly self serving,” she said. “there are COUNTLESS ways to raise money that don’t scream, ‘look at me!’”

Another Twitter user chimed in with, “The same YG who used Nipsey Hussle’s funeral to make colorist remarks? Wish I could be shocked,” to which Chika replied, “THAT SAME YG.”

Chika later revealed a proper vigil for Floyd, the 46-year-old black man murdered by fired white police officer Derek Chauvin last month, was taking place and encouraged others to join.

“y’all are kind,” she said. “but i’d like to forward all the love i’m getting to the families directly affected. if you’re in LA, go lay your flowers. we’re finding out where the vigil should’ve happened and stopping by independently. no clout shit. no crowding.

“you’re in LA & you’d like to attend an actual vigil and not a video shoot, this is on Hollywood & Highland. we moved it to the corner so it could be protected. please go and leave flowers and posters and candles. anything. spread the word please.”

Chika ultimately decided she’d had enough of Twitter and signed off with, “lowkey, i’m kinda done. i’m gonna fight locally & keep doing the work but fuck this whole social media shit cuz i really don’t feel it anymore. y’all got it.”

Does Chika have a point? what are your thoughts on her statements?

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