Oprah Claps Back Over Black Lives Matter Remark


Oprah Winfrey generally doesn’t lower herself to the level of her critics. She loves to go about her business and spread positive vibes throughout the world in whatever she does. She surprisingly commented on a hater’s post accusing her of not actually giving a damn about the Black Lives Matter movement, clapping back and basically telling her that she knows better.

“I don’t care what no one say @Oprah never gave a pluck bout #BlakeLivesMatter [sic],” wrote a fan on Twitter. “It’s all about money and power.”

The tweet was in response to her latest “Where Do We Go From Here?” special, which aired this week.

The message made its way through to the television mogul, who took the time to craft out her response by subtly telling her she should think before she speaks.

“You know my heart, do you?” asked Oprah.

While she may have thought that her reply would shut up the critic, the person on the other end of the argument hammered back with even more complaints about Oprah’s track record.

“I don’t that’s not for me but what I do know I watched your show for years and no your heart looks I could be wrong only God knows,” she wrote.

Do you think she only cares about money and power?

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