Apple Unveils iOS 14 System That Will Include ‘Apple Library’ And New iMessage Features


Apple has some exclusive impressive features launching!!!

During Apple’s online-only Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday, the company unveiled its latest operating system, iOS 14. Although the final version of the OS won’t be available until September, the company did share some of its new features.

Specially for iMessage, you will be able to pin your conversations at the top on iMessage. In groups, you can now reply directly to a specific message that can be viewed as threads. As Mashable notes, Apple also introduced Mentions, where you directly type in their name and they’ll be notified specifically. In addition to that, you’ll also be able to customize the group photo at the top and see group members’ photo around it. Apple has also added new Memoji features including a face mask and a few new sticker options.

iOS 14 also provides a better way to organize the Home screen. With “App Library,” which will be at the end of all of your pages on the home screen, will automatically organizes your apps into categories. Within the library, there will be a search field, a suggestions box (which surfaces the apps you use most), and Recently added boxes, Mashable notes.

On top of those features, Siri will also have a new app called Translate where you can translate your text and voice between any combination of languages, whether it’s English, Spanish, Russian, and more.

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