R. Kelly Denied Release After Being Beaten Up


R. Kelly was beaten up by a fellow inmate following a string of jailhouse shutdowns, which were due to Kelly’s fans protesting outside the Chicago MCC. According to Kelly’s attorney, every time a group of demonstrators gathers outside the jail to call for the disgraced singer’s release, operations are shut down on the inside, including showers and more. For that reason, one man was frustrated enough that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

As he was sleeping in his cell with earbuds in and a blanket over his head, one of Kelly’s fellow inmates barged into his cell and started stomping on his face. According to Kelly’s legal team, guards did not break up the attack until well after it began, which sparked their latest attempt to free the accused child pornographer and sex trafficker. Kelly reportedly had asked the court to reconsider letting him out as he awaits his trials in Illinois and New York but, unfortunately for him, he was denied again.

“While this incident is concerning, it does not warrant immediate release,” Judge Harry D. Leinenweber wrote in his ruling on Monday, according to NY Daily News. “This single isolated incident does not suggest that the Bureau of Prisons is incapable of safely housing Mr. Kelly. The inmate involved in the incident with Mr. Kelly has since been transferred to a different facility. In any event, release from custody is not the appropriate remedy for such a wrong. If Mr. Kelly wishes to challenge the conditions of his confinement or the MCC’s ability to protect him, he can bring those claims in a separate civil action following proper exhaustion of administrative remedies.”

The Judge continues to view Kelly as a danger to his community, and as a flight risk.

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