Few albums have made as much of a lasting impression as 50 Cent‘s Shady/Aftermath debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin, released on February 6th, 2003. Since its initial release period, during which it went platinum within the first two weeks, Fif’s acclaimed classic has since gone diamond, a feat he looks to accomplish once more as The Massacre draws ever-closer. In the meantime, however, the pseudo-retired emcee has taken a moment to flex his statistical dominance, taking to Instagram to throw his weight around.”Everybody loves Diamonds,” captions Fif. “Over 13 million records sold not bad for a first album.” Boasting classic tunes like “Heat,” “What Up Gangsta,” “If I Can’t,” “In Da Club,” “Patiently Waiting,” — basically every single song, to be honest — it’s no wonder that the album continues to move units even in this digital era. Consider the sheer scope of the influence Get Rich had on an entire generation of artists and fans alike.Even journalist Ari Melber, who has gained a reputation for incorporating hip-hop quotables into his reports, took a moment to contextualize the significance of Get Rich Or Die Tryin. “The album not only introduced the world to 50 Cent, it has a ridiculous number of hits that slap to this day,” comments Melber. “What Up Gangsta, In Da Club, 21 Questions, Patiently Waiting, PIMP.. plus classic B sides If I Can’t and Like My Style. In today’s rap, a 16-track collection with this many hits would be released as 2 albums with 5 viral dance spinoffs etc lol shoutout to Fifty.”

Clearly, there’s a case to be made that Get Rich Or Die Tryin is one of the most beloved albums of all time, and the proof is certainly validated in the numbers. Congratulations to 50 Cent for making history with his debut, and may he one day return with one last project before he hangs up the mic for good.


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