Steve Harvey is officially weighing in with his thoughts on the Kirk Franklin situation. This weekend, Kirk Franklin’s estranged son, 33-year-old Kerrion Franklin, leaked a phone call where his father berated and shouted at him. The call was filled with curse words, surprising fans of the gospel singer. Kerrion claims that his father was verbally abusive and physically abusive toward him.Having known Kirk Franklin for years, Steve Harvey spoke on the situation on his radio show this week, sticking up for the Christian singer and saying his son “had it coming”. “Kirk Franklin has always been there for me. So I called him. And I told Kirk, Kirk said, ‘I’m having a tough day today.’ And I just called him to lift him up. Because you didn’t do nothing wrong,” said Steve about the leaked phone call. “The pain that Kirk Franklin was in was for twofold. First of all, the betrayal of his son. That had to be devastating. That you would think so little of me. That you would take me in one of my rawest moments and try to destroy me by posting something that was purely between me and you. And his son knew exactly what he was doing. That’s why he posted it. But his son only posted the part that he thought could hurt Kirk. He didn’t post the part of what he was asking of Kirk. He didn’t post the part of what led up to Kirk’s anger. […] How you 33-years-old and posting something your father said. That don’t make no sense. That shows you the lack of manhood that this man has.”

Steve says the second thing that was hurting Kirk Franklin was the church’s reaction to what was happening. The talk show host says that other Christian people are “righteous” and, because Kirk is a gospel singer, he’s expected to be perfect in every aspect of his life. However, Steve clarifies that, before singing, Kirk Franklin was simply a man. A sinning man. He said that, just because Kirk was caught cussing on tape, he’s not the only Christian person that’s ever been caught cursing.

He concludes by saying that Kerrion Franklin “had it coming” and that he had no right to call his father out on social media.