Casanova Thanks Bobby Shmurda For Support: “I’m Fighting For My Life”


The Brooklyn rapper was arrested back in December on charges related to gangs and drugs.
He’s been in federal custody since the beginning of December and his social media posts since that time have suggested that Casanova’s friendship circle is dwindling. Prosecutors have accused the Brooklyn rapper of being involved with the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation and it’s alleged that the rapper was connected to drug-trafficking among other crimes. Casanova has repeatedly denied that allegations against him and both he and his wife Jasmere Corbett have come forward to call out the fairweather friends who have disappeared from sight. Bobby Shmurda is all too familiar with the plight of legal issues and now that he’s been released from prison, he wanted to show love to a few artists who are now incarcerated. On his Instagram Story, Shmurda highlighted rappers like NBA YoungBoy and Casanova, and the mention didn’t go unnoticed by 2x. “I APPRECIATE YOU @Shmurda [double exclamation mark emoji] I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE IN A SYSTEM THAT’S FIXED… STAY SUCKA FREE IN A WORLD FULL OF LOLLIPOPS [fingers peace sign emoji][X emoji],” Casanova tweeted on Thursday (March 25). Last week, he gave The Breakfast Club a shout-out, as well. Casanova also recently stated that people who said that they were his friends but haven’t checked in on him can “suck a d*ck.”


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