After finally being released from prison earlier this February, Bobby Shmurda has been celebrating life as a free man, and he’s not letting anything or anyone jeopardize that. In the weeks following his return, the New York rapper went viral for publicly turning down a drink at his welcome home party, and he explained his behavior as the result of him adhering to his strict parole guidelines.Even with people like Wendy Williams praying on his downfall, Bobby has stayed positive as he continues to focus on putting out new music. The rapper noticeably hasn’t dropped anything, let alone a “First Day Out” freestyle, since his release from prison, but according to Bobby, new music is on the horizon. As the hype surrounding the “Hot N*gga” rapper’s forthcoming output increases, fans and Hip-Hop figures alike continue to shower him with praise, and the latest person to show Bobby some love is New York sneaker reseller Saif The Plug.


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In the video seen above, Bobby Shmurda is approached by Saif The Plug with a gifted pair of custom Nike Air Force 1s. The inside of the shoebox is adorned with blue bandanas rather than the typical white tissue paper found protecting new kicks, and on the actual sneakers, the swoosh and the toebox are swapped out with a blue paisley print.

Bobby Shmurda quickly tells Saif The Plug that he can’t accept them because of his parole, and it is probably best that he did so because the shoe’s custom design has obvious ties to the blue flag that Crips are known to sport.

Bobby Shmurda keeps doing what he’s supposed to do, so hopefully, fans will be treated to new music as soon as possible.